Wake up and smell the coffee

There´s nothing like the first coffee in the morning. Is like the first day of school, the first rain  or snow of the season, like the first  time you kiss somebody you like too much. There is something so butterflies in the stomach effect about first times. About beginnigs, they are full of posibilities.

There’s something about clean slates, tabulas rasas, pages unwriten.

And about music.

I had placed here the link to an Artie Shaw version of Begin the Beguine which is a Cole Porter song, recorded in 1938 by Artie but youtube keeps ruining my playlists with all that copyright’s infringment bullshit. Wake up people, the game has changed and you can’t stop the way we share information, so keep up with the time you live in.

Anyway I love Cole Porter, he was larger than life. I love Artie Shaw he was a prodigy and the sound of his clarinet was pure and clear and new and familiar. It is the sound of a period, like a piece of time frozen in a picture but better because it has inflection, waves, scratching. My love for music started with my mother’s LP’s. With that needle traveling through the surface of a black disc I was told was made of some petroleum derivate. It was an intriguing time, everything had a certain fascination, but music…Music took my soul by assault  and grabed my heart and it has never let go. Neither have I. When I listen to some of these LP’s I feel like the first time I heard them, it is like going to a safe place in my chidhood and I find the same magic I found the first time and I love it, best feeling in the world. (Unfortunately I’m no musician, I’m just a Melomaniac, with a big M. I also happen to madly love coffee. And Cinema. And History and Mythology and many things but we’ll get to that, eventually.)


I am a strong believer in the healing power of Music. I don’t believe in much but I do believe in Art. I believe in the human spirt, strong and delicate, everlasting, eternal nevertheless the briefness of the human conscience compared to the aeons of the Universe. I believe in the human creation, in creativity. We have the abillity to create, to explore with our mind and our imagination. Wow! right?  very especially it is my conviction that sound is the most powerful way in which we can communicate. But the sound is also the silence between the notes…

Our hearing is the last sense to turn off after our bodies die. Every culture has a deep connection to sound. Music tells us the best way it can, the story of a certain time period, tale or even a philosophical idea. That is why we love soundtracks so much. That is why we love playlists so much, and why we love sharing them with the world. Because we are not just sharing a piece of our souls and our hearts and brains and personal dramas with a bunch of people unknown but not so distant. In the end we are so unique and so similar in a weird and awesome way. But we are not just sharing and being egotistic little maniacs, we are building bridges, mirrors,  we ar building the new megatale maybe in a rizomatic way, we are constructing a world collective identity. Zeitgeisting if you will.

So stop your effin’ nonsense about copyright infringment people, this is bigger than you. Understand it, embrace it, care for it. And if you use it wisely you can make money out of it without prohibiting. Because frankly you are witnesses to this new world emerging, where we are all oversharers, overexposed, over the top, but it’s a beggining too. The beggining on an era where we are living the revolution.

And it is also full of possibilities.

So here it is, screw you censors #neutralnet #internetparatodos Artie Shaw/Cole Porter



So this is my brand new kindofmagazineonline/blog or it will be, as soon as I deccide when or how it takes the shape of some other monster in my mind, we will see what this turns into. I had two blogs before this one. The first one I had feels like aeons ago.I started it around 2006 and it became something of a platform where I used to reproduce Humans Rights letters and callings to action and suddenly my voice felt unimportant compared to the relevant things that happened during those years. So many things have happened since then. So many people has passed along the road, so many changes in the way we communicate. So many ups and downs, heros and foes. So many shifts of perspective we’ve had these years. Life itself changes and moves the way you do it too. And when you find yourself feeling like that is not your home anymore its time to star anew. I a pariah, my numerolgy is #1 it says “I’m always starting”, so you see?  I’m just fulfilling my personal prophecies:

I start this project with great expectations, especially because  I want this rant.mag to be shaped as a magazine where I can explore some of my obsessions, loves, themes, and recurrent rants with freedom and openness of mind. But forcing myself to be as obective as I can. I strongly believe we need to discuss ideas more, without being snobs or asswholes but for the sake of the next step in our knowledge as humans. Any place on the internet where you start reading the comment section the conversation diludes into pure nonsensical bullying to the other’s ideas. Or BS as I like to call t.

So lets fucking rant with class! Screw it, lets rant together about ideas, lets break the railways of conventional train of thought, lets learn from each other to respectfully disagree. Lets fight the inner fight and question why we believe what we believe and see what happens.

All the trascendental thinkers, architects, artists, poets, builders, powerfull, game changers have done it before us. So let’s not be lazy asses or brains and create original content, good discussions, lets become what we want the world to be. O at least our world.

Estos ranteos serán bilingües, no prometo hablar de puros temas esnobish, sesudos y trascendentes pero hasta para hablar de pendejadas hay que echar a andar la ardilla y dejar de clavarse como lo hacen muchos, en el insulto a la otredad (que es tu reflejo bro).

¡Así que hermanas y hermanos ranters, que empiece la pachanga!

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